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The Return of Coffee Patron XO: A Limited-Time Comeback

Exploring the History and Impact of Patron XO Cafe and Its Highly Anticipated Return

The buzz is brewing as Coffee Patron XO makes a limited-time comeback, sending fans dashing to liquor stores to stock up by the case. In this article, we'll delve into the history of Coffee Patron and the Distiller Patron, discussing why it was discontinued, its highly anticipated return, and how long it will be available. We'll also explore the Distiller's background and its impact on the industry.

Patron XO Cafe, the cherished tequila-based coffee liqueur, has made a thrilling comeback, reinvigorating classics like the Espresso Martini and the bartender-favorite Baby Guinness shot, which blends three parts Patron Cafe with one part Bailey's Irish Cream. Officially relaunched on April 1st, this return is no joke; Patron confirmed through social media that this beloved liqueur will be available in a limited release while supplies last. As April draws to a close, stocks are dwindling.

In the past, when supplies of this coveted tequila ran dry, resellers on eBay and other platforms have been known to charge upwards of $100 per bottle. The decision to discontinue Coffee Patron XO in 2021 was met with disappointment from fans who even started a petition garnering over 4,000 signatures. However, Patron remained committed to halting production of XO Cafe to focus on their core range of tequilas.

Mauricio Vergara, President and COO of Patron, explained at the time that their priority was "growing and protecting production and supply of our core, super-, ultra-premium tequilas." As a result, the company shifted its focus toward producing their core tequilas: Patron Silver, Patron Reposado, Patron Añejo, and other super-premium Patron varieties alongside ultra-premium offerings.

Now that Coffee Patron XO has made its triumphant return for a limited time only, fans are encouraged to act fast before it disappears once more. Don't miss out on your chance to experience this deliciously unique tequila-based coffee liqueur while you can!

As the top priority shifts, the coffee liqueur market has seen a significant change. The once struggling sales have experienced a remarkable turnaround, thanks to the Espresso Martini's soaring popularity. In the past two years, this cocktail has become one of the most sought-after drinks.

Capitalizing on this trend, Patron has reintroduced its highly popular Patron XO Cafe. With the demand for Espresso Martini showing no signs of slowing down, now is the perfect time for Patron to seize this opportunity. However, it's worth noting that Patron has not disclosed the number of bottles or the duration of this limited release.

Patron XO Cafe The Return

Last bottle at the Total Wine in Aventura, Fl

Francisco Alcaraz, Patron's longtime master distiller and recipe creator, takes pride in the creation of the coffee-infused Patron XO Cafe. This 70 proof coffee liqueur masterfully blends Patron Silver tequila with Arabica coffee beans sourced from Veracruz and Chiapas, Mexico.

The latest release comes with a suggested MSRP of $42.99 – a significant increase from its pre-COVID price when bottles were available for under $30. When the product was discontinued, resellers demanded over $100 per bottle. Currently available nationwide, this re-release is gaining immense popularity and satisfying eager consumers.

However, we strongly recommend securing your bottle of Patron XO Cafe soon due to its limited release status. If Patron stays true to their word, supplies will eventually run out. Some friends and colleagues have even gone as far as ordering by the case. I'm one of them!